Bob Tabor

My name is Bob Tabor.

I am a self taught Web Developer based in Scottsdale, AZ

14 months ago I didn't know anything about building websites.

Please take a look below at everything I've learned so far.


These are just some of the projects I've built while learning web design and development.

I built everything myself and with no prior knowledge or experience with building webpages.

Bob Tabor Heroku Site

This is my personal portfolio site built using Ruby on Rails.

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Freelance Web Designer Site

My Free Lance Website.

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SCR Dodgers Site

A page I built to share pictures of the Scottsdale Cal Ripken 8u Dodgers.

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Fake Store Site

A Ruby on Rails Ecommerce App.

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Simple CMS Site

A Ruby on Rails custom built simple CMS app.

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The MTN Group Site

My old website for freelance work when I lived in Colorado Springs.

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Power Pitching Site

A brochure type site for a pitching training program.

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My Baseball Lesson Site

A personal baseball lesson website.

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MTN Group 2.0 Site

A page I built to play with javascipt scrolling effects.

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MTN Group Animation

A funny intro to my old site that I built with Photoshop.

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2013 to Present | Freelance Web Developer and Web Designer

  Teaching myself and pursuing a new career in web design and development has been challenging, exciting, and has reinvigorated me. It has also given me great satisfaction knowing where I began, which was absolutely knowing nothing about web design and development, knowing where I am, and knowing where I want to go. Below I have listed some of the coursework I have completed while pursuing my goals.

HTML Courses

HTML Essential Training
Up and Running With HTML
HTML5 - Structure, Syntax, and Semantics
HTML5 Features, 7 Short Courses

CSS Courses

CSS For Developers
CSS Fundamentals
CSS Positioning Best Practices
CSS Core Concepts
CSS Styling Navigation

Javascript Courses

Javascript Essential Training
Javascript Events
Javascript and AJAX
jQuery Essential Training

Ruby on Rails Courses

Ruby on Rails Tutorial
Ruby on Rails 3 Essential Training
Ruby on Rails 3 Beyond The Basics
Introduction to Ruby on Rails
Ruby Essential Training

Programming/Web Graphic/Design Courses

PHP With MySQL Essential Training
Foundations of Programming Fundamentals
Foundations of Programming Object Oriented Design
Photoshop for Web Design
Web Design Fundamentals
Web Semantics
Responsive Design Fundamentals

Software Experience

Sublime Text 3
Ruby Mine
PHP Storm
Adobe Creative Suite 6
  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Fireworks

...and many many more!

Thank you so much for visiting.

I am a self-taught web developer. I am an extremely hard worker, very dedicated, and very trustworthy.

I began teaching myself web design after being laid off from my previous job in the building industry.

After months of trying to continue on my career path in the building industry and not finding many opportunities , I knew I needed to reinvent myself and choose to doing something that made me excited again.

With no prior experience or knowledge, I began learning the skills that it takes to build web sites.

I am very excited about my new career path and joining an organization that has the same passion and enthusiasm I have.

Please feel free to Contact Me anytime with any questions.


"Bob is a hard worker with the ability to follow directions. He is always willing to do what it takes to help the customer. He always brings a positive attitude and never seems to be having a bad day. Bob is an asset and I highly recommend him."
- Charles A.
"Bob is very personable and has a great sense of humour. He is able to build relationships with customers and knows how to bring a business attitude to all interactions. He works hard, is consistent, reliable, and is a great family man. Bob is able to help his customers find solutions to their problems, and is always able to do so in a very timely manner. I hope you will consider hiring Bob, he is a great asset."
- Larry M.
"I have enjoyed working with Bob. He is able to help his clients fix any issues they may have. He always brings a positive attitude and is quick to ask appropriate questions when the situation warrants it."
- Rick W.
"Bob is very responsible, reliable, and willing to take on new challenges. He was very easy to work with. I highly recommend him."
- Scott W.